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Going on Hiatus for a week or so!

 Hi Guys, 

As you have already read the title, I am going on Hiatus(break) for a week 

The reason why is because I have alot of school work and I am falling and also it is also hard for me to catch up on my school work

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 Hey Everybody or even a person,

This entry is about how me and a 15-year old had a fight here on LJ and now... she won't forgive me however i said i was sorry because i went all "CAPSLOCK RAGE" on her ass and she still won't forgive me :s

See below for what happened between me and her:

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Life is boring :s

 Hey guys,

This entry is about what is boring and what i am going to tell you about what happened between me and a 15 year old, and how we called each other bad words and stuff.

Okay so she is on LJ, what happened between me and her is that we had a fight on how she acted weird and stuff, i wanted some help and she became so like stupid i said to her i couldn't message and she said learn to message but... what i said I KNOW HOW TO MESSAGE she got all fucking pissed and me and her had a fight and i called her a stupid retard idiot which is why i have decided something really cool and amazing and that is... See Below:

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Somethings you should know about me :)

 Hi and Hello,

There are somethings you Should know about me So I want to say hello :), Okay there are something i really like and somethings that i really dislike so here are somethings that you should know about me:

I am a Big fan of Pretty Cure and Pokemon

I Like reading manga and other comic books like Calvin and Hobbes

I am a big fan of Video Games and Those Games are Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 

I hate bad people

I hate people who are not nice

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